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Please read About Us  first:
1. Know this as you join your ID will include a code to relate the order in which you joined, and as things grow the first man in gets the vote. Example: you want to do a Funrunners Movie at your resort or tour in August and another resort wants to do the same, the first man signed up will get the movie.  These are fun movies the tourist get their script on the plane, locals can be discovered too. We shoot them in a weekend. But, you know they will for years show it to everyone they know. And hopefully we will build an online movie following.  I mean think about it , take a vacation or take a vacation be in a movie and make alot of new friends....  FunrunnersRadio.com is starting now and will be advertising our clients. 

2.  If you know a great owner operated business, recommend them.  We all help each other.  All I require is a safe, fair and friendly, so please bear that in mind when making a recommendation.  I have a hostel in Jaco that $12 a night, but is a recommended place, because it is worth at least $12 a night for a clean bed and shower.   And on the other end of the spectrum there are luxury places with $200 to $300 a night and they are worth it.  But the problem I have had as I begin is place worth $75 a night wanting $125.   I have traveled Costa Rica 35 years, I had a bar there, I know and love the Country and the other thing to remember is once I say NO, we will not be back to your door.  You have a right to charge anything you want it is your place, I have the right to say I am sorry but TicoTimes.us  will build a reputation of recommended places, and we will not recommend a property for an unfair price or unsafe condition.  Spirit airlines agreed to run the advertising for the grand opening when we have enough stock in rooms.  We, are going to kick it off with  When making funrunners pricing remember we will be coming all year. We are promoting a tropical season and a green season. 
Costa Rica no longer has a rainy season.

3.  If you have a hotel, bar and restaurant you can sign up 1 or all.  We would not send a person there to use funrunners rooms and also have them use funrunners meals, tours and bar tabs. 
Example Juan comes to your resort for 4 nights on a Funrunners pass. He will be paying for his food and drinks and tours.  Ok, Charles is there with a funrunners pass for a tour and 2 meals pass, 2- $25 bar tabs,  he will be paying for his hotel. And of course his other meals, tours and bar tabs.  LETS GET HIM THERE.....................
IN short I am trying to help us both have a better life.....

4. Miss Funrunners Costa Rica Contest, 12 contest in 12 areas of Costa Rica and one final contest for the Miss Funrunners.  Each contest will be sponsored by our clients and of course all out clients will be advertised for the event.  THE CONTEST WILL BE 3 BANDS, 12 HOURS OF MUSIC. Basically like a large southern BBQ..Judges are in the crowd and vote when called upon.  Miss Funrunners will travel the world bringing single people to Costa Rica.
This is real. I am Josh Porter a real estate appraiser in Alabama.
www.Southlandappraisers.com is me, my number is 256 237 1749, I am looking for partners to start this quickly.  This could be a really big return on a small investment.  Look at the small (a) at the top if you have a person in mind that needs a great career.  I need to be there next week knocking on doors,
PS. If you know of a good possible tour, let me know, you will make 20% of the fee.  Example, Juan is a farmer, his farm has a beautiful waterfall on the property.  We work a deal with Juan, to use the waterfall for romantic tours.  Juan makes 1/2 the fee and you make 20% of the funrunners fee for as long as we have the tour, many years you are paid for sending one email with Juan name and phone and the info about the waterfall. Etc etc....  Anything that would make a good tour....
What it is
Bed & Breakfast
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We build a site inside our site, we send people to your website, or we send them to your email and phone.
We are not involved in the booking of your rooms.
Your word is our contract, we both agree to try to help each other for a year.  At no time can the rooms get ahead of the membership time.   
Hotels/Resorts/B & B's    2 nights a month
Restaurants/Cafes            6 to 8 meals a month
Bars/NightClubs               4-   $25 Bar Tabs a month
Tours                                    varied , per agreement 
Taxi                                       company transportation
Guides                                  varied , per agreement   

etc Owner operated         varied , per agreement 
Ideas and Suggestions